quinta-feira, 26 de novembro de 2009

A new Bible study

Hello ABU Students,

This Thursday a new group will begin at the Arts School, at the campus of UFMG.

All of you are invited to study the Bible once more, but now in English.
The meetings shall start at 11:00, at the first floor of the building.

To arrive at the meeting place enter the school and turn left. The meeting shall happen under 2 big trees close to two tables in the open (the place is kind of hidden, so if you don't find us, just scream as loud as you can "Have mercy on me!" and if an Angel doesn't appear to rescue you, then you are probably helpless).


Best wishes to all

Ivo, Linda, Ester and Kaja. 

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Dark Prince disse...

Foi legal, pena que cheguei meio tarde.